2012 Festival Schedule


THURSDAY Finn Golf, Peninsula Golf Course

Noon: Lunch
1:00PM: ShotGun Start

THURSDAY Dress Rehearsal, The Commons
MC: Darlene Bjornsgard

6:30 As a Sparrow
6:40 Finn-Am Choir
7:00 “ Roots Running Deep” (Reader’s Theater)

FRIDAY Afternoon , The Courtyard & Commons
MC :Lori Dearmore

12:30 :Maypole dancers, national anthems ,memories
1:00 Cooley/Wolfe Singers & Ringers
1:30 Emily & Hannah Saari of Seal River ( Bobby’s Girls)
2:00 As a Sparrow
2:30 Valerie Blessley on Harp and Kantele

Friday Evening ,The Commons
MC: Lyle Haataja and Sue P. Holway

6:30 Finn-Am Choir
6:50 As a Sparrow
7:00 Sou’West Aires Barbershop Quartet
7:20 May, Karen, and Wilho on Kantele
7:30 Finn-Am Choir
8:15 “ Roots Running Deep” (Reader’s Theater)

SATURDAY in the Stadium
MC: Mike Swanson


8:00 AM Paavo Nurmi Run
10:00 Opening Ceremonies
March and Anthems : VFW and Boy Scouts
Sou’West Aires Barbershop Quartet & Ladies Who Sing in Finn
Invocation: Anna Ehrlund accompanied by Lyle Haataja
Welcome: Mike Swanson
Address: Norman Westerberg, Finnish Consul Emeritus
Maypole Dancers

MCS: Lyle Haataja, Alan Bennett, and Ken Kandoll

11:30 Naselle Marimba Band
12: 15 Carl Wirkkala and The Ghost Town
1:05 Maypole Dancers
1:15 Lisa Bighill, soprano
1:30 Katrilli Dancers
2:00 Richard Nikkila “ Deep River Stories”
2:15 May Saari Adair and Wilho Saari on
2:30 As a Sparrow
2:45 Astoria Scandinavian Dancers
3:15 Lois Bighill,
3:30 Emily and Hannah Saari of Seal River
3:45 Cooley and Wolfe Singers & Ringers

Saturday Afternoon, The Commons
MCs: Eva Malerich and Lyle Haataja

1:15 pm Astoria Scandinavian Dancers
1:45 Valerie Blessley, Kantele and Harp
2:15 Poets Corner and Open Mic with Gary Anderson ???
3:00 Katrilli Dancers
3:30 Valerie Blessley on Harp & Kantele???
4:00 Wilho Saari Solo Concert.
Finlandia Foundation Performer of Year, 2011

MCs: Mike Swanson and Greg Nelson

6:30 Naselle Finn-Am Choir
6:55 Sou’West Aires Barbershop Quartet
7:15 Lisa Bighill
7:20 Naselle Kanteles: May, Karen, and Wilho Saari
7:40 As a Sparrow
7:45 Naselle Finn-Am Choir
8:00 Raffle
8:20 Family Dance with The Smilin’ Scandinavians


10:00 Worship Service
11:00 Coffee Hour in Commons
1:00 Celebration of Finnish Roots Run Deep,
Anna Ehrlund officiating
At Peaceful Hill Cemetery , Naselle

Friday, July 27, 2012

StartEnd Room PresenterTitle
10:00am-12:00pm Commons movie “Max Manus” (English subtitles)
10:00am-11:10am 203Beginning Finnish for Youth
11:30am-12:30pm see map Santuu WinterPalikka Game
12:30pm-1:40pm 201 Bob GoldsteinRiding with Reindeer-A Bicycle Odyssey
through Finland, Lapland, Arctic Norway
12:30pm-1:40pm 203 Karen BertrochLife in the Toonerville Logging Camp
1:45pm-2:55pm 201 Ellen JensenWe Stopped Forgetting-Stories from
Sami Americans
1:45pm-2:55pm 203 Irene MartinThe Flight of Bumble Bee-A History of
the Columbia River Packers Association
3:00pm-4:10 pm 201 Wayne BealsThe Struggle for Finnish Independence
and Surviving World War II
3:00pm-4:10pm 203 Carlton AppeloDeep River Stories
Burton Appelo
4:00pm-6:00pm Appelo Archives CenterReception for Performers & Presenters –
dedication of expatriot costume and 10-
string kantele-public welcome

Saturday, July 28, 2012

11:30am-12:40pm 201 Bryan PenttilaThe Landing: Nasel in the Age of Steamboats
11:30am-12:40pm 203 Helen PitkanenBeginning Finnish for Adults
11:30am-12:40pm 103 Bob GoldsteinRiding with Reindeer-A Bicycle Odyssey through Finland, Lapland, Arctic Norway
12:45pm-1:55pm 201 Greg WirkkalaPaul Wirkkala Logging Films
12:45pm-1:55pm 203 Jason SeiversFortunes & Ashes: John & Helen Luis, Early Finnish Immigrants in Deep River
12:45pm-1:55pm 103 Gary AndersonPersonal Memoir-Your Story in Prose and Poem
1:30pm-2:30pm see map Santtu WinterPalikka Game
2:00pm-3:10pm 201 Ray GardnerChinook Nation-Past, Present, & Future
2:00pm-3:10pm 103 Frank EldFinnish Log Construction-An Art
2:00pm-3:10pm 203 John NygardFrom Parlor to CD-Finnish American Musicians