2016 Festival

Welcome to the 2016 Finnish-American Folk Festival of Naselle

This years theme is My Finnish Memories. The festival is scheduled for Friday July 29th and Saturday July 30th with the worship & closing ceremonies on Sunday July 31st.



     The poster for the 2016 Finnish American Folk Festival is a collage of some things dear in Anna’s life:
        •  Anna is a stargazer.
        •  Her Finnish and American heritages are important to her.
        •  She cherishes her family and church family.
        •  This is her favorite bench upon which she sits and ponders.
        •  She is surrounded by her favorite yellow roses and birds.
        •  She is warmed by coffee served in a teacup (rather than in a mug).
        •  Books and devotions nourish her also.

Additional pages will be added as details are finalized – stay tuned!